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The Little Couple make no excuses and triumph over adversity

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein at the Sixth Annual Shorty Awards in NYC
Photo by Neilson Barnard

During last night's episode of TLC's The Little Couple, we got a lesson in hope, how to be happy despite what life throws at you and about how to love unconditionally. In "Just What the Doctor Ordered", we watched as little Will met with his speech therapist, Jen got examined by an orthopedist, Zoe got a checkup and Bill got interviewed about success despite his lack of stature.

It is an understatement to say that they have a lot on their plate.

Jen is in remission from cancer but weak as a result of the treatments. She got a report on just how weak she is and a plan for physical therapy. It doesn't keep her from having fun with her two kids, something she's been unable to do from the moment they picked up Zoe at the orphanage in India. In sweet video, you can watch how the couple relishes the simple pleasures they were denied during Jen's treatments.

Zoe is a bubbly and sweet two year-old, a far cry from only months prior when she was handed over to Jen and Bill, tiny, scared and resistant to their love. Will is one of the happiest children you'll ever see. A smile is almost always the first thing you notice, unless he's yelling for his favorite food group: "Cake!", His speech in both English and Chinese is not what it should be and as a result, the couple have him see a therapist he adores.

Anna and Will have spent a considerable amount of time together and according to her, he is making good progress. His tasks are to try and string a few words together in a sentence and to learn how to make specific sounds that are difficult for him. The therapist has him respond to hand signals as well as mimicking her sounds. Jen is given assignments to practice with him in between appointments.

Jen's poignant explanation of why this is critical for Will emphasizes the obvious, but painful reality of Will's height. As a little person he's already at a disadvantage, but his speech can help him dispel any thought that he is incapable of being a great student. As a woman who was a cheerleader at school and became a doctor, Jen knows what she's talking about. Expectations are already low for little people and clear diction can overcome a lot of doubts.

"I want him to get better at communicating so he can really excel and be expected to excel at school. It's really important in life."

The issue of stature was the subject of an interview given by Bill to a friend who has a show, "Focus on Abilities". Bill shared that he fears the trouble his son will have when he enters kindergarten next year. In fact, he's sad that in the ensuing years between his kindergarten experience and Will's, there hasn't been much progress. Yet he has a good story to tell about how a prospective employer did not care that he stood only four feet tall as he looked for a post-college job. He used it as an example of what can be, by him and other little people setting a great example.

The positive attitude, the patience and the lack of any whining is extraordinary to watch. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are a couple to be admired as well as emulated.

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