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‘The Little Couple’ Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein renew wedding vows in Galveston

Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein
Photo by Neilson Barnard

Fans of “The Little Couple” should be ready a big surprise planned on the season finale of the popular TLC show. Over the past season the viewers have watched as Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein adopted Zoey in India and then there was the moment when Jennifer Arnold fought cancer. It’s been an interesting year for the reality couple, but there will be a romantic moment at the end of the season that will make everyone's heart melt. According to People Magazine on Tuesday, Bill Klein arranged a special ceremony to renew the couple's wedding vows in front of 50 friends and family members.

A complete surprise to Jennifer Arnold, the couple renewing their wedding vows was a romantic gesture by her loving and caring husband, Bill Klein. With the Gulf of Mexico as the backdrop, the two lovebirds had family and friends gather around as they shared a moment renewing their love for each other and offering a special moment for those who were watching.

The reality stars have definitely provided some interesting television for everyone watching this season. Viewers have seen the struggles and triumphs of the couple. Adding a human element, fans have connected with the couple and given people a reason to tune in every week. One of the few reality show families that share life as it comes along, there appears to be plenty of moments that viewers can relate to during every episode.

Now hearing about the really romantic moment that Bill Klein offered Jennifer Arnold everyone is going to want to tune in and see her response to the surprise. The season finale is set to offer a peek of the moment and end the season on an extremely romantic setting. Hoping to see the family again before the break, viewers wonder how Zoey and Will are part of the ceremony.

“The Little Couple” airs Tuesday on TLC.

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