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The Little Couple: Jen Arnold is a teacher at heart

Jen Arnold with kids Will and Zoey at a park on The Little Couple
Jen Arnold with kids Will and Zoey at a park on The Little Couple
Discovery/TLC, used with permission

A trip to New York was in the cards for Jen Arnold, MD and Bill Klein on last night's episode of The Little Couple. It accomplished three goals. They visited the Dr. Oz Show, saw Bill's mom who got introduced to Zoey and Will got close to one of his favorite things: choo-choo trains of the very big kind at a city landmark, Grand Central Station.

Dr. Oz thoroughly explored Jen's recent experience with cancer. She not only did not mind going through the details of her diagnosis and treatment, she considered it a way for her as a physician and teacher to help explain a somewhat unique situation. How did her team of doctors treat the rapidly growing with chemotherapy meant for an adult of small stature?

"I like to take every opportunity to educate others on health care issues. I'm very short statured and but I have an adult disease. This so happens to be a personal one that I dealt with and it's actually something that is relatable to many people.

My doctor said I have to give you enough chemotherapy for you to lose your hair, but not so much to kill you. So what is that?"

An amazing slideshow helped the good doctor and Jen made the situation frighteningly real. The videos of the appearance are touching and realistic, just like everything about The Little Couple. There's a fine line between making people turn away and engaging them, and this duo did just fine. Jen is in complete remission and recovering from multiple rounds of a chemo drug cocktail.

The most charming part of the episode titled, "A Grand Time With Grandma" was watching Bill and son Will take time away from the rest of the family's trip to Grand Central Station and scoot over to the train tracks for some exploration. Will adores cars and trains and spends copious amounts of time playing with them at home. Bill was crazy about trains when he was a kid too.

"It's one of those father-son things. He loves trains and cars, just like dad." He says it with wonder and pride.

This season on The Little Couple has been a whirlwind of activity, blessed events and tough challenges. From the trip to India to pick up Zoey, to a cancer diagnosis and treatment and finally to "normal" family time at home, celebrating holidays as a family of four, it has been emotional roller coaster ride.

Who better to handle it than Jen and Bill, who demonstrate each week that they are the most level headed, patient and loving couple in reality TV?

TLC airs The Little Couple Tuesday nights starting at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. Image credit: TLC, used with permission.

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