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‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold has special Mother’s day with Zoey, Will

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein from The Little Couple
Photo by Neilson Barnard

The fans of “The Little Couple” got to be part of another a major milestone for Dr. Jen Arnold on Sunday. The reality star celebrated her first Mother’s Day as a mother of two children. Zoey and Will (along with a little help from their dad, Bill Klein) made a gift for their mom and it was very nice. Jen Arnold was so excited about the gift on Sunday that she shared a picture on her official Twitter account. The beautiful gift from her children was so precious she couldn't decide if she should use it at home or at work.

“Wish Jennifer Arnold a happy first #MothersDay as a mother of two!” read the Facebook page on Sunday and the posting included an adorable picture of Will and Zoey. The message reminded the fans that the family has another reason to celebrate, as this is Zoey's first time with her mom on Mother's Day.

The entire season of “The Little Couple” has been dedicated to making the family of Jen Arnold and Bill Klein bigger (and better.) From the trip to India to pick up their daughter Zoey, to the time hanging out at the hospital while Jen got treatment for cancer, it was all about being together in the good times and getting through the bad.

There is a sense of family every time the fans watch the show and this week is no different. With Zoey being part of the family, the viewers of “The Little Couple” get to see Jen and Bill head to New York so his mother can meet Zoey. That's right everyone is heading to grandma's house!

It can’t be easy for a working mom and on the show it is time for Jen to go back to work. She helps organize a press conference to announce her illness and discuss her treatment. While she puts on a brave face, there had to be some concern behind all the words as the reality star knew she was facing a difficult health battle. This year, with the cameras rolling, the fans have seen Jen and Bill make the best out of every situation and refrain from doing anything, but looking at the positive side of life.

“The Little Couple” airs Tuesday on TLC at 10 p.m. ET.

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