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'The Little Couple' Jen Arnold cancer update: Star staying upbeat, battling hard

How is Dr. Jen Arnold from 'The Little Couple' doing?
How is Dr. Jen Arnold from 'The Little Couple' doing?
Photo credit: TLC

Fans have been worried about “The Little Couple” star Dr. Jen Arnold ever since it was revealed she has cancer. The reality TV star has been keeping fans in the loop via social media, and TLC will be filming the family throughout the battle for new episodes to air this spring. Radar Online shared the latest from Arnold on Jan. 7.

Dr. Jen Arnold has already undergone a hysterectomy and she is dealing with chemotherapy. Despite the invasive and intensive treatments, she's still as hands-on with her kids as possible. Arnold has tweeted about heading to speech therapy with Will, and she has marveled over watching Will with his new baby sister Zoey. Jen says she can't wait until she has more energy for them.

In the midst of the challenges, “The Little Couple” star has managed to join Instagram. Her sole post so far is of her “geekster” Will, and fans hope there are many more pictures to come. There have been no photos shared of Zoey yet, and many would imagine that will be held back until the new shows premiere.

Battling cancer is always frightening and stressful, but Dr. Jen Arnold has attacked the challenge with determination, enthusiasm and class. Fans have been sending her all the support they can, and she's indicated she appreciates all of it. Here's hoping as the new season of “The Little Couple” airs this spring, there will be solid progress and good news to share when it comes to Arnold's cancer.