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'The Little Couple' How the kids helped Jen get through treatments

The Little Couple” Just entered its sixth season, and it has been a roller coaster from the start. Bill Kein and Jen Arnold adopted their 2nd child this season from India, named Zoey. The initial transition was rough at first for the family, but after six weeks of close family bonding with no TV cameras or nannies. Zoey adjusts and you now see a sweet little girl with an amazing personality.

the little couple

While in India, Jen begins to feel ill and begins to bleed profusely. She flies home early only to find she has stage 3 uterine cancer. She then begins chemotherapy, which then takes them into the Christmas season. While Jen is having treatments her immune system gets lowered, which makes her more susceptible to illnesses. Bill and Jen try to make the most of the holiday with hayrides, but make sure there are no other people on the ride.

In the last episode Jens has a 24-hour chemo treatment, you can see in her eyes that she is really going through a lot. In a recent interview Jen states that they’re a wonderful group of people who helped her get through all the treatments and hard times. It was her family.

Jen husband Bill was always present and their for her as much as possibly could. Jen also Bill also state that they wouldn’t have been able to get through it as well as they did if it wasn’t for the kids. Bill would take them into the hospital when Jen was having treatments and it would be such a joy to have both of them there.

Jen also states in the interview that she would not have been able it to get through it with out her parents.

The treatments will be aired throughout the season in episodes. Jen had a touch decision decided whether to have it aired. But Jen likes to share her story and spread awareness to others so she feels she made the right decision.

You can watch “the Little Couple” on Tuesdays on TLC at 10/9c