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‘The Little Couple’ answer questions on TLC; Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein open up

Doctor Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein open up and answer viewer questions on TLC
Photo by Neilson Barnard

The fans of “The Little Couple” are going to get answers on Tuesday night. The TLC family will skip the typical video story usually seen so Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein can answer questions about their lives. Giving details about their lives and how they function on a daily basis, the unique part of this special is the questions are being asked by the fans. According to the official Facebook page of "The Little Couple" on Tuesday, there really are no questions off limit as Bill Klein is even willing to answer why he is such a stud.

The fans were previously asked by TLC and the reality stars to ask questions in regards to the episode "All You Wanted to Know." From international adoption to the discussion of being a different size than a typical size adult, there is no subject off the table. Of course, many of the fans want to know about Will and Zoey and how they are growing up in a new home.

The show is also expected to share some behind the scene moments of “The Little Couple” and give a look back on how their lives have changed. The series started with just Jennifer and Bill together and now the fans are looking at a family situation as the dynamics of their lives have changed so much.

The idea of opening up to the audience of “The Little Couple” might be an interesting segment of television. Few, if any, reality stars are willing to talk about their lives in details. Looking to promote a product or be a brand, celebrities seem to have some motive. That is not the case for “The Little Couple” reality stars. Sharing information seems to be a chance to embrace the fans that support the stars and nothing more. This focus is refreshing for viewers too. In fact the only passive endorsements that have been seen in the past is the eye-catching KitchenAid appliance that was once viewed on the show.

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