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The Little Boy

Strange things just seem to happen in my life and I can't say that I expect them, although I have come to accept that they are part of life. Take for instance a small event that happened a couple months ago.

It was a cool spring night and my youngest son Ben and his friend Zack were up really late. It was a Saturday night so I didn't really care. In fact, I didn't work the next day, so I was up late, too. The boys had been watching a movie and it had just ended. About midnight Zack got ready to go home. He pulled open the glass French door of my house and to the shock of all of us, there stood a little boy about four years old. The little fellow hadn't been seen through the glass, but there he was once the door had opened.

The little boy paused for a second as if we might have startled him, too. We all froze. He stepped inside and took a look around. He had short blond hair, big eyes, and was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. He seemed to scan our shocked faces, and then he turned without a word or a sound and stepped back out into the darkness. It was not until later that I would think about the fact that there was not a sound associated with the child. He didn't make a sound--even when walking. He seemed to be looking for something or someone. At least that was the impression I got of him. At this time none of us thought he was other than flesh and blood. He was solid and real. He looked a bit confused and I thought that perhaps he was lost.

As the child stepped back into the darkness the mother in me kicked in. "Don't let him go," I cried jumping up. "It's too late for a little child to be out. Go get him. He might be lost." Ben flipped on the outside light and he and Zack hurried outside. They were perhaps three to five seconds behind the small child. One boy went right and the other left around the house. They met at the back but the child was gone. I was on the porch calling out for the little boy but I saw and heard nothing at all. I don't even remember the normal sounds at that time of night.

Since that night we have looked around for the little boy. The families all around us do not have children. Mostly they are older adults who live alone. Only one neighbor has a grandson, but he is an infant. The only couple with children have a little girl and an infant son. I have no idea who the child was, where he came from or where he went for that matter. We hunted him for nearly half an hour. The boys even went into the woods at the edge of our house with flash lights. Beyond the strip of woods was an open field. The strangest things seem to happen to us and we never know when they will occur.

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