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The little black dress


3/4 sleeved scalloped boudoir lace dress

It has often been said that black is the color to wear to achieve a great look.  Unfortunately black isn't always the most flattering or slimming color, despite all its good press.  Like with any color  black is only as flattering as the fit of the clothes allows, and often times black is more inclined to cause harm then good. 

For most skin tones black can cause a wased out effect, and a shapeless dress in solid black can make even an hourglass figure look like a big bulky square. 

To avoid the box effect  and other dress disasters there are two simple rules to follow:

Retro glam lace dress

1. Construction and general style: The little black dress should have the perfect fit, It should curve and bend with your body. it doesn't have to be skin tight but remember, If it doesnt have some sort of a waist, neither will you.

2. Detail: A solid black dress creates no visual cues for the eyes to follow, which can often lead to the box effect, simillar to that of a graduation gown. Details like a monotone color palate which break up a solid hue, or lace which adds dimension, create more shape by creating focus points for the eyes. 

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