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'The Lion King' casts bursts into song on Virgin Australia flight

Everyone on board a Virgin Australia flight got a big surprise when the cast of "The Lion King" decided to sing to them. Fans love this movie and many have also seen it in the theater. On April 2, LA Times shared about this great experience. It looked like a really fun time.

This was the cast of the Australian production of the show. Buyi Zama, who plays Rafiki, was the leader of it all and they performed the song "Circle of Life" from the famous movie. They are playing to sold out crowds right now and that is pretty impressive. Everyone on this flight got a free performance and had no idea what was going on.

Everyone else on the plane seems a bit surprised and they are all just watching them trying to figure out what is going on. It was really nice of the cast of "The Lion King" to do this for everyone on the flight. Hopefully other groups will pick up on the idea and this will happen more often.

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