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The Lion Is On The Prowl - Mandy Lion On The Road

Mandy Lion at Vamp's in Vegas.
Mandy Lion at Vamp's in Vegas.
Melissa Anderson - Rockwell UnScene Music Magazine

Mandy Lion is on the road to Rocklahoma. What that means for you music lovers is that you get legendary Mandy Lion and his all star-line up that includes: Toni Aleman, Dan McNay (Montrose) and Lez Warner (the Cult) on stage and live bringing it to you like a runaway freight train. Leaving Cali on Friday May 16th to hit Rocklahoma, Mandy Lion and his band have begun their newest tour run to one of the biggest shows on the Worlds Loudest Month Tour, and ripping the roof off venues along the way. So what happened in Vegas will not stay in Vegas when this legend hit the stage at the one and only Vamp’d Vegas.

Mandy Lion
Melissa Anderson - Rockwell UnScene Music Magazine

Coming into the club and scanning the crowd, I saw Mandy Lion tee’s representing in full force. Fans came to the front even before the curtain was pulled to get an up close and intimate spot for the show. Mandy, with his iconic vocals, did not disappoint. His sexy rock and roll voice matches Mandy’s sexy moves. Then there was Toni Aleman, who came out front and center and gave the crowd a show that gave music fans a rock-gasm as he strummed effortlessly with his mad guitar skills. But the experience did not stop there. Dan McNay beat his bass like a red headed stepchild and gave a stellar horns up performance. Tying it all together, was drummer extraordinaire, Lez Warner. He demands all eyes on him when he's in his zone. This show was no exception. All bands need a bit of help to get things done and keep things on track and when you have a stage-manager like the all business and no nonsense David Sixx, that's what happens. No show is complete without a T-Shirt or other band merch to take home with you. So, when you hit up the merch booth at Mandy’s show, know that you will be treated by the best in rock and roll, with Regie Kanan. He's there to tend to your every merch need.

Vamp’d also needs props for the excellent staff, top-notch lighting, and killer sound. Bands, this should be your dream venue when you hit Vegas. Fans - you know you are going to be having a good time and that is why you keep coming back.

Now it's time for Mandy and the crew to brush off the awesomeness that was Vamp’d, load up the bus, hit a few more shows and end in Rocklahoma. Mandy Lion will be play Thursday May 22nd (opening day) and Saturday the 24th. Yeah, you got to be epic to be hitting 2 stages at such an event.

Festival go-ers, I am going to tell you to check schedules and stages to map out your time at Rocklahoma. Why? Well this vast outdoor event hosts 4 stages, camping, vendors, and over a hundred thousand music go-ers from all over the world.

While you are at this show, swing by the Rock -n- Roll GangStar booth to say Hi as they finish their final stop on the Balls of Steel tour, pick up some highly sought after music gear, and get the hottest new Print mag in the music world - ROCKwell UnScene. The festival issue coming out next month covers 9 festivals across the US doing both the locals and the legends.

Horns up to the Worlds Loudest Month and have a rawking show!

Written by & Photo's by: Melissa Anderson, ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine