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The limited the definition of physically fit

The term physically fit has many different definitions. To some it means being able to walk or run long distances, to others it may mean being physically strong, while other definitions include being flexible, coordinated, and agile. Each one is a different form of exercise.

For those who tend to lean towards doing aerobic activities, the term fitness implies cardiovascular fitness. This means how effectively your heart and lungs are supplying oxygen to your muscles and internal organs. Continuous exercise keeps the heart healthy.

Even for a hard-core lifter, being physically fit should include being somewhat aerobically capable and by that I mean being able to go through a heavy workout and not having to be supported by your partners when you walk from the bench to the squat rack. The more aerobically fit you are the longer you going to be able to exercise without becoming so winded you have to stop.

One of the biggest benefits of being aerobically physically fit is it that reduces your risk of major diseases of the heart such as stroke and other myocardial problems. It also enhances your ability to take in and use oxygen by making a stronger, more elastic pair of lungs.

Evaluation of the cardiovascular fitness of an individual is most often performed on a treadmill, with monitors measuring the heart function both during and after the treadmill exercise test portion is over.

There are numerous self-tests one can use to determine the degree of their aerobic physical fitness. One of the easiest is to see how fast you can walk a mile without getting winded. You should be able to do this in no more than about 18 minutes if you are a moderately fit woman between 30 or 40 years of age. For the men this test should take about 17 and a half minutes.

For those of you who are older than 40 years of age, you are allowed an extra 30 seconds for each additional decade of life.

Whatever your situation may be there is no substitute for exercise in helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The questions for you are this: Are you physically fit? If not, why not?

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