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The Life of J.M. Benjamin

With so many things going on in the life of J.M. Benjamin, it's a great opportunity to get an interview with him, to find out exactly what type of moves he is making.

Meet the author behind so many great books.
J.M. Benjamin
Find out who JM Benjamin is.
JM Benjamin

1. Q. What was the first book you ever wrote, but was never published?

A. The first work I penned was titled "Everything's Real In The Field", which was based on my experienced in my hometown of Plainfield NJ. At that time I never shopped it because there were so many typical "hood" stories being published by male authors, about the boy becoming "the man" in the streets. Five years into my career though, I revised it and self published it, as a better writer. The title is now called "Memoirs Of An Accidental Hustler".

2. Q. Has writing always been your first passion, or was it a substitute that turned out to be a great winner?

A. Never even knew I could write for entertainment purposes, was only writing as a means of therapy, healing and growth while incarcerated. It was really a blessing in disguise that I embraced.

3. Q. What is your constant motivation that keeps you producing high quality reads?

A. My motivation is the love I have for writing, entertainment and education through my works. I love the impact and affect my stories have on readers. The more love and support I receive, the more I am motivated. I am also motivated by the fact that writing books keeps me out of prison. (JM Benjamin laughs out loud)

4. Q. Can you tell our readers how you come up with your book titles?

A. All of my titles, just like my stories, are inspired by something in my past and since I've been home my present. I make sure my titles are catchy and relate to the story itself in some way.

5. Q. From start to finish, how long does it usually take you to complete a book?

A. I've written a book in 30 days, 34 days, 43 days, but the longest has been under six months. It really depends on what I'm doing or where I am in life. I try to write everywhere, plan, car, hotel, home, etc. When I isolate myself from the rest of the world, I zone out and put work in.

6. Q. If you could give new authors some crucial advice about the book industry, what would that advice be?

A. Don't believe the hype! There is no one in a position you couldn't put your own self in. Stay true to your craft, perfect it, represent it and be consistent about it, and you'll get results you are looking for.

7. Q. How and why did you get into mentoring the youth?

A. It was a debt that I owed to a community and society I took so much from. I was also a major contributor to the destruction of my community. I just wanted to tip the scale by being a positive influence and contributor to the "UPLIFTMENT" of my community, and communities alike. It's the least I could do after being blessed with a gift and second chance.

8. Q. What's a favorite meal that most people wouldn't know you enjoy?

A. Doritos, Oreos, Chocolate Chip cookies, and a Pepsi while watching movies. (JM Benjamin laughs out loud)

9. Q. Out of (Jazz, R&B, Reggae, Rap, and Blues), which is your favorite choice while creating great reads?

A. All of the mentioned. I love listen to music when I'm writing. Depending on the scene, whatever I'm listening to plays a part in that writing zone I spoke about.

10. Q. Where do you see yourself in five years, as far as the book industry is concerned?

A. I will have penned several non-fiction motivational books, still publishing and most likely teaching others how to.

11. Q. Can you tell Examiner three authors, who's books you enjoy reading?

A. "Guy Johnson", "Claude Brown", and "Al-Saadiq Banks".

12. Q. Where can readers purchase your reads, whether it be paperback or electronic download?

A. Pretty much any book stores that sells "African American" books, my website "", Amazon,, Black Expressions and another place I am excited about; my novel and soon to be whole series of "Ride Or Die Chick" is now available in over 300 Walmart stores. Which is a great blessing.

13. Q. What's the next move for J.M. Benjamin, as an author as well as a business man?

A. As an author "Carl Weber" will be releasing the next three parts to "Ride Or Die Chick", two and three this year, then a part four in early 2015. "O.W.L", which is a company owned by New York Times best selling authors "Ashley and JaQuavis", who be releasing the continuation of "Squeeze", as well as some other future projects in the works. I will be releasing a bunch of fiction and non-fiction books, under my own company. As a business man, I will be doing film!!

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