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The life and times of Flappy Bird [infographic]

The rise and fall of Flappy Bird
The rise and fall of Flappy Bird

Created by one man in Vietnam, Flappy Bird was certainly an app game-changer. Its overnight success and viral spread saw it as the top app in over 100 countries and 50 million downloads. It's review count, reaching over 48,000, put it on par with classic apps like Gmail, and taking a spot among the most "popular" apps of all time. But just because it's popular, doesn't mean it's well-liked. Incredibly addictive and nearly impossible to play, Flappy Bird was a double edged sword that lead millions to frustration and rage that couldn't be vented. Twitter became a home base for players to fine momentary solace from the game's grips. The game was so needlessly hard that many users began to speculate that there was really no skill involved at all, and in fact, success was only determined by computer bots. Still others thought that the whole game was a PR stunt for a larger game studio. But despite the red flags, we kept on playing.

However, not so long after its popularity soared, creator Dong Nguyen announced that he would be taking the game down from app stores forever saying "I cannot take this anymore," presumably referring to the hundreds of death threats and hate mail he received every day.

Have you played Flappy Bird? If so, what was your experience? This infographic courtesy of StartApp details the life and times of Flappy Bird.