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The lie of homeopathic miracles

Homeopathic medicines placed on a practitioners shelf
Homeopathic medicines placed on a practitioners shelf

Homeopaths in modern day tend to stick to old beginnings of their belief system. Anecdotes are claimed as evidence among nearly all of those who take it to heart. These anecdotes are nearly endless, but does that mean they should be taken at all seriously? Unfortunately for them, no.

There is a reason why homeopathy is shunned by modern medicine and that reason is: it does not work. Why doesn't it work? Because there is nothing about it that would work according to any modern theory. The theories presented by homeopaths tend to be disproven and extremely outdated. The point of medicine is to build off of the last step to create better and better theories and treatments. Homeopathy has no room for improvement because it is fundamentally flawed, not a correct theory done wrongly.

Any miracle cure that is uttered by homeopathic followers is typically taken as seriously as the next big cult leader. There will be few that believe and follow them, but the rest point and laugh.