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The lie of homeopathic cures: Alcoholism

An assortment of alcohol
An assortment of alcohol

While alcoholism continues to be an international epidemic, there are always homeopaths who try to cash in on the problems of others. 2014 is no different from previous years in terms of how deadly alcoholism can become, yet countless "certified" practitioners of homeopathy wish to spread the mania of homeopathic remedies to solve their problems.

If there were one single assured method of alcoholism therapy that was at all effective, it would be embraced by modern society. Modern society has embraced no remedy for alcoholism originating from belief, only those based on evidence. Homeopathy is a belief, not a science and there is no room for it in modern medicine. This is even further the case when the issue of alcoholism is taken into consideration for which there is no definite cure.

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