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'The Librarian' may be returning to TNT as a weekly series

TNT has released news on Thursday, Feb. 20 that they are thinking of green lighting a television series based on their hit television movie, "The Librarian". "The Librarian" is set to be a ten episode straight to series that if agreed would begin this fall.

'The Librarian' may be returning to TNT as a weekly series
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Noah Wyle, who played Carson Flynn, the main Librarian has agreed to be executive producer as well as reprise his role on the show. But, with him starring in "Falling Skies", he has agreed to appear in the first and the last two episodes.

There is also that Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin would reprise their role in the first two hour episode, sort of handing over the reins to Flynn, possibly?

The show is supposed to center around four people who have extraordinary knowledge and power who will work for Flynn this time around.

There is also a complication with who would play the main strong female lead. In the past the kick ass females have been Sonya Walger, Gabrielle Anwar, and Stana Katic. But, who will play that role in the television show is part of what they are trying to decide. There are rumors that she will be British but that is all that we know for now.

So, let's keep our fingers crossed that they will decide to make "The Librarian" into a regular series.

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