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The Libertarian Party supports 'The Day We Fight Back'

A crisis has hit the United States. It ranks among the worse crises in the history of the country, and yet the brutal crackdown on activism has been so effective it is as if too many of the American people themselves have been turned into robotic like entities by their own country who lack the will to fight against this new crisis. A crisis wherein U.S. federal agencies such as the NSA feel they have the right to undermine all basic freedoms of the American people in the name of their concepts of national security is a crisis worth fighting. On February 11, 2014 the Libertarian Party will take part in "The Day We Fight Back" reported the Independent Political Report on Feb. 9, 2014.

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson making a point during a debate.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Edward Snowden shook up the nation and the world with his revelations of extensive NSA spying on the American public. His harshest critics call him a trader for going to Russia to save his own freedom and want him arrested and thrown in a U.S. federal prison for 20 years to live. His supporters see him as a folk hero of sorts who deserves a Nobel Prize for Peace for fighting so hard to preserve the democratic rights of his own countrymen from any corner of the world and feel his freedom must be protected.

Remembering the tragic suicide of Aaron Swartz in New York at 26 years old, supporters of basic American liberties must remember to stand behind Snowden and other activists now and until the bitter end. Swartz was a tireless and talented hacker who invested his energy into issues like network neutrality, copyright reform and information freedom, reported WIRED. This guy developed the RSS standard when he was just 14 years old and he went on to found Infogami, which became part of Reddit. When the U.S. federal government turned on him he caved in from the pressure and killed himself.

The Libertarian Party notes that Snowden’s revelations of the NSA’s mass surveillance programs have sparked off one of the most successful political coalitions in modern American history, which is aimed at hitting back at Big Brother. There are hundreds of diverse political organizations, along with scores of American citizens, who are banding together to oppose the government’s flagrant violations of our Fourth Amendment rights.

This mass surveillance which activists will be fighting on "The Day We Fight Back" has cracked the very fabric of American society apart. The surveillance is happening at this moment, online, on your phones, and from space via satellite drones. People's lifetimes of hard work and fortunes are being wasted due to subjective bigotries of U.S. federal agents who have simply decided they personally disagree with what's going on as seen from their spying. People are being driven crazy and told they are crazy from these frightening intrusions into their private lives. Many of the targets of this tyranny are being driven out of school and work and into poverty, the streets and even suicide.

More and more people are afraid to speak about all of this and afraid to fight back because of what the government could do to them if they fight too hard for their basic freedoms, as we witness a situation little different for the American people under the Federal Republic of the United States than what the people of China, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba live with daily under Communism. And so if you value the quality of your life and that of your kids you will take a chance and join the Libertarian Party and other activist groups on "The Day We Fight Back"on February 11, 2014. If you love freedom, everything about this fight is worth fighting for.

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