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The letter

The letter
The letter
Photograph by Constant Contact

You've rehearsed it over and over in your mind. You think about grammar and spelling, how you will address every issue, every hurt. You write it out as a letter/email.

And then at the last minute you ask a good friend "So what do you think?" and she responds "I'm glad you wrote this. I hope it helped you to address everything that was bothering you. My suggestion is, sleep on it."

That's the last thing you want to hear. You want to send it; you want your friend's approval. You can't wait to tell this person how you feel.

But, you decide to sleep on it. You think about something else your friend said: "Years from now, will it matter? Will it change the person? Could it cause harm?"

You decide to listen to your friend; you don't send the letter. Several years pass and you find your hand written notes. And you can't even remember what you were so angry about to begin with.