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The Legoland Hotel

The hallways are cheery at the Legoland Hotel
The hallways are cheery at the Legoland Hotel
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Over the years, I've been asked again and again - Is Legoland worth it? Should we bother to go down for a day with our family when we go to California to visit Disneyland? Until now, I didn't know because I'd never been. That all changed this month when my family (3 kids ages 8, 6.5 and 5 and two adults) finally visited Legoland.
My just turned 5 year old begged to visit Legoland California on his 5th birthday, so we made a family trip out of it when Legoland gave me 4 one day passes to check it out this summer. So I bought one extra ticket to cover my family of five and decided to splurge on a hotel and booked two nights at the Legoland hotel just steps from the gate being I saved some money by getting a few free tickets.

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As for the Legoland Hotel, it was pretty cool in concept and it was literally 100 paces outside the Legoland gate. But also, really missing good planning. For instance, they have the world's coolest elevators - the music turns to a disco party as you go up. However, there are two elevators. TWO. To serve the entire hotel of 250 rooms. There are generally 4-5 people per room... and they are all trying to use them at about the same times - go get down to breakfast and into the park and same at closing time of the park (which is way too early as well.) The kids bunk section of the room was super. The themed rooms are a great idea. The treasure hunt around the hotel for clues that give you a code to open the kids safe in the room was such a great idea, as were the prizes inside (mini lego kids that retail for about $6-9). Including breakfast in the price of the room to make it "free," okay. Saying it is a character breakfast is such a joke though. There was one generic princess to go around to ALL of the tables and one day there was also a nice balloon animal maker but I'd say at least 75-80% of the people there didn't get a balloon animal. We got a visit to our table on my son's birthday because I went up an nicely asked if there was anyway she could come to our table in the back corner of the restaurant for his birthday. She was very nice and came right away after finishing the table she was at. We didn't even see her around on day two and we ate at the same time. Add to all of this, that Legoland hotel charges the bargain price of about $350 per night per room and there is no way I'd go again. I'd stay at one of the many nice, close hotels and buy my kids all a super nice giant lego set instead and you'd still save money including the other hotel cost per night and the Lego kits. But in reality, I wouldn't go again anyway.
So all in all, even for huge Lego fans that want so badly to love Legoland with all of their hearts - at the PRIME age for buying, building and collecting Legos - I'd skip Legoland and the Legoland Hotel. I personally feel ripped off, much in the same way I do when I spend $100 on one of those big Lego kits for my kids, but at least with that we did something fun together that we both enjoyed. Did we enjoy spending the day together for my son's 5th birthday? Yes! (He says he would like to go back again one day too - but only to ride the Dragon and buy more Legos.)