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“The Lego Movie” wins on Valentine’s Day Weekend

"The Lego Movie" takes the box office title this week
"The Lego Movie" takes the box office title this week

Despite the fact that it was Valentine’s weekend and quite the list of movies coming out for the holiday, it’s a cartoon movie that dominates the box office.

The Lego Movie once again remains in the top spot with an estimated $48.8 million over the weekend. This is an impressive 2nd week as it didn’t see much of a drop from week to week. The Lego Movie has been dominating at the box office as it surpasses the $100-million mark and shows no signs of slowing down.

There were four other movies that came out last week and three of them were able to crack into the top 5. The big two came from the comedy about relationships and the winner for movies that fit the Valentine’s Day movie, About Last Night with an estimated $27 million.

The remake of Robocop had a pretty good opening with an estimated $21.5 million, but didn’t meet expectations so far. Endless Love comes in with an estimated $13.3 million and Winter’s Tale grabs an estimated $7.7 million.

The Monuments Men had a decent weekending hitting double digits with it’s estimated $15 million over the weekend. The movie is falling way short of it’s expectations, still under it’s $70 million budget after two weeks.

February has been a good month for movies so far and looks to continue it’s run going into the month of March where there are a few big movies coming out, the biggest being the adaptation of Divergent.

For the full list, you can go here.

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