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“The Lego Movie” sets the pace at the box office this weekend

"The Lego Movie" tops the box office from the weekend
"The Lego Movie" tops the box office from the weekend

The first full length movie based on Legos, The Lego Movie, smashed the competition coming in with an estimated $69.1 million. This is the first kid-friendly movie to come out to do successful since Frozen, after The Nut Job bombed at the box office.

The other two movies that premiered over the weekend, but didn’t premiere any where close to The Lego Movie. The Monuments Men brought in an estimated $22.7 million and the Vampire Academy proved yet again how hard it is for Young Adult fiction to be adapted bringing in only an estimated $4.1 million.

Ride Along falls from the top spot after three weeks with an estimated $9.3 million, but it was able to crack the $100-million mark this week, which is the 1st of Kevin Hart’s movies that he was a leading actor in.

Rounding out the top 5 is Frozen with an estimated $6.9 million and That Awkward Moment with an estimated $5.5 million.

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