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The Lego Movie Sequel Assembles on May 2017

WB annouces the sequel for the hit Lego Movie
WB annouces the sequel for the hit Lego Movie
Warner Bros. Pictures

Due to The Lego Movie’s success, the people behind the scenes have contemplated a second film. Following the release of the hit film, it was announced that a second Lego Movie was in the works. Well now you can put it on your calendars because the sequel to The Lego Movie is on the way. According to a report from Warner Bros Studio, The Lego Movie Sequel will be hitting the big screen and it will hit theaters on May 26, 2017.

There is very little on the film. The only detail feature so far on this sequel is the film is be written by the team of Michelle Morgan and Jared Stern. There is still nothing on whether or not that either director s Phil Lord and Chris Miller will come back to the director chairs. Then again,, who could be returning in this film is still up in the air.

All that is important is that The Lego Movie is getting a sequel. Whatever mysteries and whoever is showing up in the film is a mystery. All we can be sure is that we can expect this sequel on May 26, 2017.