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"The Lego Movie" free build event returns to Toys R Us April 12

Back by popular demand, Toys R Us is holding another free event for LEGO and "The LEGO Movie" fans April 12 from 12-2pm where participants have the opportunity to build Emmet's car from the hit animated film "The LEGO Movie." Providing instructions and pieces to build Emmet's car and an alternate jet out of the iconic LEGO bricks, children and children at heart will have the chance to let their imagination run loose at Toys R Us as they remember that "The LEGO Movie" was a pretty charming movie that should be coming to DVD and Blu-Ray soon enough.

Back by popular demand, this Toys R Us free build event where you can build Emmet's car is back at participating stores on April 12 from 12-2pm.
Toys R Us, used with permission.

To recap "The LEGO Movie," the animated film captures the style of stop motion LEGO films while telling the story of a typical LEGO minifig who finds out he's not so typical as he stumbles into a crisis that will prove how special he really is. All the while, the film shows off themes of creativity, imagination, and a few "The LEGO Movie" sets that would be great to buy while at Toys R Us for a free event.

Like most Toys R Us free events, it's best to arrive a little early as supplies are limited. Toys R Us employees will distribute the LEGO pieces and instructions and may assist children with building Emmet's car. If this weekend's free event is as popular as the first one, expect supply to quickly run out. In most cases, Toys R Us will turn the official free event into a free for all build with various spare LEGO parts salvaged from their excess stock.

Good luck and remember that everything is awesome.

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