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“The Lego Movie” crushes the box office in opening weekend

Liam Neeson poses with the character he voiced in The Lego Movie
Liam Neeson poses with the character he voiced in The Lego Movie
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

For fans of the building blocks known as Legos, this was the big weekend. The first real movie featuring the toys, essentially making the film a very long commercial, opened in theaters this past weekend. Although the internet was already filled with hundreds of fan-made stop-motion films and there had been direct to DVD movies before, this was the first real movie with real voice actors and real technology animating the toys. Fortunately, it was met with outstanding reviews and great buzz. That seems to have paid off at the box office.

The Lego Movie ended up coming in first place, quite handily, this past weekend. What was surprising is that the other movie that opened this weekend, The Monument's Men, garnered enough box office to come in second place. The Monument's Men, directed by George Clooney and boasting an all-star cast, was met with lukewarm to outright negative reviews, but that does not seem to have kept movie-goers away and audience response seems to be much more positive than the critical.

This means that the the Kevin Hart/Ice Cube comedy, Ride Along, which had dominated the three previous weekends, fell to third place.

Disney's Frozen still pulled in huge numbers, staying in the top five for the weekend.

The other new movie, Vampire Academy, which was not screened for critics, but has now been savaged by those who have seen it, came in seventh place.

Here's the top ten movies at the box office for the weekend of February 7 - 9, 2014 (all totals in millions of dollars):

10. Labor Day - $3.2 (total so far: $10.1)
9. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - $3.6 (total so far: $44.4)
8. The Nut Job - $3.8 (total so far: $55)
7. Vampire Academy - $4.1
6. Lone Survivor - $5.2 (total so far: $112.5)
5. That Awkward Moment - $5.5 (total so far: $16.8)
4. Frozen - $6.9 (total so far: $368.6)
3. Ride Along - $9.3 (total so far: $105.1)
2. The Monument's Men - $22.7
1. The Lego Movie - $69.1

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