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The legendary Star Wars Holiday Special screening tonight at Clubhouse Jaeger

Relive 1970s franchising at its worst with The Star Wars Holiday Special. 10pm, Clubhouse Jaeger.
Relive 1970s franchising at its worst with The Star Wars Holiday Special. 10pm, Clubhouse Jaeger.
Image courtesy of l'etoile magazine.

If you've ever heard from older-generation sci-fi fans about the camp and circumstance surrounding The Star Wars Holiday Special and wished you, too, could share the experience then you're in luck. At 10:00pm on Tuesday, December 22, Clubhouse Jaeger will present the holiday installment of their popular JagerCon series as this rare gem is shown on the big screen.

With guest appearances by Art Carney, Harvey Korman and Bea Arthur this two hour patchwork of shorts and musical numbers tells the tale of Han Solo, trying to sneak past the imperial forces and return his furry hetero-lifemate Chewbacca home in time for the Wookie version of Christmas. Most notable among fans as having first introduced the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett two years prior to his menacing cameo in Empire Strikes Back, the otherwise regrettable children's program (Star Wars creator George Lucas shudders at the very thought of its existence, placing it lower in canonical standing than even The Phantom Menace.) delights modern audiences for entirely different reasons than it once did their childhood counterparts: A (presumably high) Princess Lea stumbling about the set, a thirty-year-old vision of psychedelic erotica featuring Diahann Carroll and a cameo by Jefferson Starship.

From JagerCon's official website: "Join us for the much loved/hated Star Wars Holiday Special, screening tonight at JagerCon's Holiday Party! Enjoy 2-4-1 drank specials all night and celebrate LIFE DAY with us and our merry band of nerds!10pm / Clubhouse Jager / 21+ / Free"

Clubhouse Jaeger is located at 923 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN‎ - (612) 332-2686‎