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The legendary Memphis vampire - Sivad


Sivad -Host of Fantastic Features

Legendary  Memphis vampire Sivad has been in the news quite a bit here lately. Whether it is because of the continuing vampire craze or the upcoming anniversary of his death, it only seems fitting to honor the man behind the character of Sivad.

Watson Davis was Sivad (Davis spelled backwards), the vampire who hosted Fantastic Features, a series of horror movies on WHBQ-TV Channel 13 from 1962-1972.  The opening of  Fantastic Features, showed Sivad riding through a forest, in a horse-drawn hearse. This forest scene was actually Memphis’ own Overton Park. His opening line was always, “Gooood Eeevening, I am Sivad.”  Although I was very young when the series ran, I do remember  the spooky, southern, Transylvanian-styled vampire because as a child, he was scary!

Mr. Davis was also the advertising director for the local Malco theaters and even recorded several songs that were well known in Memphis. After retiring from playing Sivad,  Mr. Davis moved to Arkansas to relax and fish. Watson Davis passed away on March 23rd 2005.

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