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'The Legend of Zelda' Wii U trailer may not have featured Link

'The Legend of Zelda' Wii U Screenshots - E3 2014-slide0

Nintendo made a big splash Tuesday with the reveal of an open-world “The Legend of Zelda” for the Wii U during its Nintendo E3 2014 broadcast. Aside from the positive reaction from the community reaction to the way the game looked, there was also speculation on if the Link in the trailer is male or female. However, that may not even be Link according to producer Eiji Aonuma.

The character shown in the video was not wearing the traditional green garb of Link and was sporting pony tails and wielding a bow. While the character has always been somewhat androgynous, Aonuma told Venturebeat, “No one explicitly said that that was Link.”

According to Mike Minotti of Venturebeat, Aonuma said those words with a “smile and a laugh.” The producer also told the outlet that he was always looking for ways to “shake up Zelda’s conventions.”

As pointed out though, the outfit from “The Legend of Zelda” Wii U trailer is similar to the outfit Link wore at the beginning of “Wind Waker.” The color is the same and the design at the collar and down the front is similar though there are differences.

This will undoubtedly spark speculation until Nintendo makes an official announcement on if that is or isn’t leak from the trailer. The wait may be a while though as “The Legend of Zelda” for Wii U has a 2015 release date, which means a fall 2015 release more than likely.

“Zelda” for the Wii U takes a nod from open world games such as “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” by letting players travel wherever they wish through the game world. The trailer released showed the maybe-Link sitting on a horse looking at mountains far away in the distance. According to Nintendo, players will be able to travel to those mountains as they wish.

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