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The Legend of Zelda's second quest was an accident


The Legend of Zelda.In a recent Iwata Asks segment with Toshihiko Nakago, President of SRD, the game coder spilled the beans about how The Legend of Zelda's second quest came to be.

I created the data exactly in line with it [the map], but then Tezuka-san made a mistake and only used half of the data. I said, ‘Tezuka-san, there’s only half here. Where did the other half go?’ and he was like, What?! Oops, I messed up…’ But Miyamoto-san said it was fine just like that, Nakago said. So, using the half of the memory that was left over, we decided to create the Second Quest.

The Legend of Zelda's second quest is a much more difficult version of the NES classic. Dungeons are completely revamped, located in different places, often require players to walk through hidden openings, and have different weapon orderings than what the first quest contained. To access second quest, players either had to beat the original quest or enter their name in as "Zelda" when creating a new file.


Have you completed The Legend of Zelda's second quest? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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