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The legend of the so called vampire, Jure Grando

The town where Jure Grando lived
The town where Jure Grando lived

Who is Jure Grando? Supposedly he was a real life vampire, that is if you believe stories like that.

Jure Grando was from the village of Kringa, which is in Istria. Istria is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. Well Grando died there in 1656, but as legend as it, he wasn't actually dead. It's said that Jure Grando was a vampire, who for 16 years was terrorizing the townspeople. Also Grando would visit his widow and make love to her. The local priest is even cited as seeing him roaming the town.

Well after 16 years of the harassment, Miho Radetic and nine other men went to destroy the creature. When they got there, Grando's body was well preserved and he had rosy cheeks, as if he had just fed on his latest victim. The men then cut off the head of Jure Grando. Once that happened, Grando never came back to terrorize the villagers.

It was traveler Janez Vajkard Valvasor, who wrote about the Grando case in his book, "The Glory of the Duchy of Kranji." The book had been published in 1689.

It's a strange case indeed. Some people believe that Grando faked his death, and that he was a just a thief. They also believe that his wife was the one who invented him as a demon, and that people would fear him. So with a new background, he could take what he wanted. Others though don't think that he was just a normal man, but that he was a vampire. A sinister creature!

So that's the strange story of Jure Grando.


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