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The legend of the Dungarvon Whooper

It was poet Michael Whalen that immortalized the legend of the Dungarvon Whooper. Many though don't feel this is just a legend, a Roman Catholic priest named Rev. Edward Murdock had even performed an exorcism to end the strange whooping sounds that haunted travelers. This whole story takes place along the Dungarvon River, a river that is located in New Brunswick, Canada.

The story itself is about an Irish cook named Ryan, he cooked in a Lumber Camp. Well the boss of the camp murdered Ryan, and one legend states that the boss buried him, after he stole his money. Well the boss lied to the other lumberjacks, he told them that Ryan got sick and died suddenly. He buried him in the woods, and the rest is history. Creepy history that is, since he died there have been creepy noises, a whooping noise that is. Many people really do believe that they can still hear Ryan and his moaning.

It was in an episode of a ghost documentary called, "Hauntings and Horrors" that shared this story, but add a little twist to it. While they still used that he was murdered by the boss, they said that Ryan was not only murdered, but he was eaten by them. The other lumberjacks didn't know that the boss cooked him up and served him. It's a more gruesome story than what other legends state about poor Ryan's fate.

There is a chainsaw carving of Ryan at the Municipal Park, in Blackville, New Brunswick. That just shows how the legend of Ryan is still a popular subject. Michael Walden in 1912 was the one that published the song about the Dungarvon Whooper in the local newspaper.

Here's an excerpt:

In a lumber camp one day,
While the crew were faraway,
And no one there but cook and boss alone,
A sad tragedy took place,
And death won another race,
For the young cook swiftly passed to the unknown;
From the day of long ago,
Comes this weary tale of woe,
The sad and solemn subject of my song,
When this young man drooped and died,
In his youth and manhood's pride,
Where the dark and deep Dungarvon sweeps along. (Source: Wiki: Dungarvon Whooper)

So Ryan or the Dungarvon Whooper is like the legend of Banshee in Ireland for New Brunswick residents. Go to the Dungarvon River and see if you can hear him wailing out because of the injustice that happened to him.

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