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The legend of the Bon Jovi white microphone stand, part 1 of 2

Part 1 of 2

Bon Jovi and his Official Sidekick
Photo Courtesy / Detroit Free Press

It looks younger than it's thirty-plus years.

It stands erect no matter what and loves to be the center of attention.

And, it is regularly in the hands that women around the world wish would grip them as firmly and passionately every night.

The secret of Bon Jovi's white microphone stand is more closely guarded than the formula for Coca Cola or the top secret codes expertly encoded and hidden that could launch America's entire nuclear weapons arsenal.

It’s been there from the very beginning, and has appeared in almost every music video and concert performance from the mullet hair and spandex days to now.

And, it even has the high honor and distinction of having Jon Bon Jovi all to itself, so closely intimate that women around the world would trade places with it in a heartbeat.

When off to the side on the stage while Richie Sambora steps up to croon and Jon Bon Jovi changes a soaked shirt and shoots a shot of ginseng, it is still and unassuming.

Like any loyal band member, it knows when to stand off to the side in quiet support of the derring-do driving thousands wild on stage, waiting for it's own moment yet again.

Other times, it is bathed in electric while light or flickers and pumps to searchlight prisms that illuminate its’ milky incandescence.

Of itself, it is lifeless, immobile, and powerless until gripped or embraced in such a way that it seemingly comes to life.

It's a Rock-n-Roll King’s turgid staff that holds the microphone that delivers Bon Jovi’s voice to millions in JoviNation.

No band member shares the same focal point as the Infamous White Microphone stand; and fans everywhere would make a deal with the Devil himself to possess it’s power and be privy to every secret it would tell if it could speak.

Mock us others will who do not comprehend that the White Mic is as holy to JoviNation like a member of the band. After all, it supports that black bullet microphone that Jon Bon Jovi is intimate with on a regular basis.

At times, it supports him, giving him strength when he can’t sing another note; and other times he’s been known to twirl it in an arrogant this-cock-owns-the-bitches-in-the-hen house-strut.

A magicians wand perhaps; or simply some phantasmic prop conducting this rock and roll revival like a Beatles Sargent Pepper on steroids.

And oh how JoviNation loves when the man with mesmerizing blue-eyes and a disheveled lion’s mane holds it aloft---thrusting left, then waving right---driving it home like a shot through the heart dead center into the audience so the audience can scream along with his every word.

Sure it can channel a song and rock a vibe and Lord if it could only talk, the secrets this White Mic stand could tell! The A&R men and the roadies and the groupies and the deals.

From the flights of ego and fancy of musical creative process to the blind frustration and titillation of another gig in another town in too short a time, when singer and mic stand end up on the ground, sweaty and spent only to be hoisted aloft for more by Bon Jovi’s right hand Richie Sambora...the White Mic Stand sees all and knows all.

But it’s been sworn to secrecy like the rest of the band, with secrets that they’ll take to the grave, because like them, it likes the band they’re singing in and just like them its’ broken in.

It’s not old, this enduring mic stand with the chipped paint on the legs and snout; just older.

Bon Jovi’s White Mic stand even has its’ own history; countless back-stories and tall tales and rumor and innuendo as to why it is white. So many in fact that the odds of winning a lottery are better than cornering the truth.

Be sure to come back and read Part 2

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