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The Legend of Mick Dodge: Mother Earth’s fittest of the fit

Mick Dodge in his element
Mick Dodge in his element
National Geographic

Media and technology today has helped us in so many ways but they have also hurt our society in as we become lazy and less physically active and focus on poor nutrition when taking on the new technological advantages that we have right at our finger tips. One great documentary that we might want to start looking at is Alone in the Wilderness which is a documentary on a gentleman by the name of Dick Proenneke, who after World War II worked hard to save money to buy a plot of land in the remote wilderness of Alaska and wanted to get away from regular civilization. He spent two years in building his cabin and made most everything from scratch along with cooking with natural vegetation and game he had hunted and only relied on some natural means from family members such as his brother who would bring him some canned goods or an order that he would place from the Sears catalog to help him survive but he mainly survived by his love of gardening and hunting and fishing along with gathering. Doing these daily tasks was physical work and everything from gardening, building and canoeing at his homestead, which was called Twin Lakes, always kept him in shape in the 1960’s when he got his start all the way until he was 82 years old and had to finally move out of his beautiful creation.

Today there is a similar man who has the same idea and does not need a computer device or cell phone to get through his day but was an engineer from his younger days and now lives in the rain forest of Washington state. The Legend of Mick Dodge is a television series about the man of this new healthy era that is living his life with Mother Earth and everything she supplies to him from water, natural vegetation and wild game for living on a day to day basis, along with bathing in fountains or in the ocean and climbing up over thirty feet and tying rope from one tree to another so he can lay out his hammock to sleep under the stars at night. The most important thing he does daily besides his high vegetation diet is his level of physical activity, which can include walking over thirty miles a day, lifting heavy packs over his back and walking to his next destination or lifting heavy boulders on to his man made sled that he would pull or lifting heavy timber above his head to build a shelter.
This life is not for many as it does take much experience in knowing how to survive in the wilderness. Most of us would not know where to even start in how to build a cabin like Dick Proenneke. Mick Dodge did nothing of that matter but lives under the stars and lives in a cave during the winter months. One thing can be said, and many health professionals would agree, that The Legend of Mick Dodge lives on as he portrays a great example of health by living off of Mother Earth. His high level of vegetation gives him high levels of antioxidants, and he finds water all around him that he can drink right of off ferns or other plants as well as getting his lean sources of protein from wild game or fish from the water ways and ocean he lives by.

The Legend of Mick Dodge is amazing and people must understand that living in his environment is not the safest and could cause harm on the body such as bacterial infections, but many health professionals would agree that his immune system would be built up over time as well as his ability to contact that good friend or two that can help him make a great remedy of natural medicine if he does become ill. Mick Dodge has his neighbors that he barters with and gets great trades back as they help each other in their remote spot as they love to keep their wilderness preserved. Mick Dodge loves hanging upside down for fun, so you should know that he truly loves his life.

Mick Dodge’s body physique and body fat looks amazing and one can tell by the life he is living by living off of Mother Earth’s natural foods and the physical activity that he completes every day. Mick Dodge could live for many more amazing years and his legend will always live on as he is The Legend of Mick Dodge, Mothers Earth’s Fittest of the Fit. Even though this life is not for most others, it does show that living within our restraints of Mother Earth and making sure we are taking in much more vegetation, lean healthy protein and of course, taking part in a lot more physical activity.