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The Legacy of man

     The man now called Jesus didn’t come to be our ‘savior.’ He didn’t live to save us from the world or from sin. What he did do was talk loud enough that people could hear, he stood with enough confidence that people could see, and he made a clear and definite statement of I Am. Yet this man from Galilee said that we Are too: “even the least of these my brethren.” So the saving grace is not in delivering us from the world (the world ‘ain’t’ bad), it is in delivering us from our view of the world.

     ‘Be as I am; do as I do’ is the Legacy that this man from Galilee left with us. It is this Legacy itself that is “in the name of.” So whenever we pray and in whatever we do we can do so from a standpoint of this Legacy. And in this ‘be as I am; do as I do’ is salvation (to come home). We can be Godly because we are created as such in the image and likeness of God. We can enter the Kingdom because we are already in it… and it is time to come home.

“Be as I am; do as I do.”

We can play Jesus and try to save the world or we can be what we truly are (The Christ) and see that the world doesn’t need any saving. The Only Desire is that we be as we are. And what we ALL are is a Divine Gift to the rest of everything else; our Only Role is to actually KNOW it, then BE it.

     Walk in the name; talk in the name; BE the Legacy.


(Let your Inner Divinity guide you)


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