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The Law of Gestation

The Law of Gestation is the amount of time required from seed to plant, product or whatever the seed is going to be. This is true for all living things. There is an amount of time required for each seed to come into form. Warren Buffet speaks on this law often; yet it's success is immutable, Universal (Law) and Absolute. Here is where patience comes into play.

First, know patience is not just tolerating something, it is the absolute knowing and honoring of the time required for a breakthrough in any situation and circumstance. There is no amount of pushing, pulling or plucking that will shorten this time of development. So be patient. Time in the unknown and in the dark is a good thing for the plant and planter. It is a time to nurture, nourish, mature and trust that something wonderful is happening, though unseen by the naked eye. Be still to the process of this aspect of the creative process. Anticipate a break through with certainty; be assured that the new birth is on time and in time.

Remember the plant was in the seed, before the seed was in the ground. This is Universal Law. Your ideas, projects and aspirations simply need water… and patience.

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