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The Law of Attraction and a Second Chance at Love

The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes became a hit in 2007. Later on Byrnes made more secrets such as; The Power, Magic and recently The Hero. Byrnes discussed the law of attraction and Abraham Hicks and other inspiration well known people wrote about the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is like attracts like. It is positive thinking. You get what you think about. If you don't think you could be with the guy of your dreams, you never will.

Now think that the one you love just left you. Think about positive thinking. If you use it that person could get back to you. If you are serious about getting him back in your life here is what you must do.

Ask the universe to bring him back to you. Tell the universe how you want him in your life and think of the good time that you've shared.

Believe that without a doubt he will come back. Don't tell many people because they will say it won't happen or discourage you. Then you yourself will start to believe it. Instead trust the universe. Get rid of time limits. Remember just because something did not happen yet doesn't mean it never will.

Visualize you and him back together. Imagine the conversation you will have with him when you see him. Feel as if it already happening now.

Think positive. Tell yourself that it will happen and the universe is working on it. You don't know when it will happen or how it will but you are expecting it will.

Be thankful that it already happened. Be happy and enjoy doing things you love to do. Don't complain it is not happening because it is pushing you further and further away from being with him.

Let go. Let the universe deliver him the best way possible. Then before you know it when you are not looking it will happen just the way it is meant to.

If you want to have a second chance with your ex try using the law of attraction. Remember another thing people always come back.

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