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The LAUSD Superintendent earns $330,000 annually; I will do it for free

He taught for three years in a non public school a long time ago.

I have taught for more than 30 years in LAUSD.

I would sell the Beaudry headquarters, clean house of the long-standing bureaucrats who haven’t been to schools in decades and of the administrators who have top degrees and have never taught.

The few remaining administrators would be housed in empty classrooms.

I would abolish all formal, standardized testing except for the end-of-the-year tests which would be a maximum of two hours per student. One hour of Math and one hour of Language Arts.

I would halt all new construction and new land purchases, and use the remaining construction bond money to fix up the schools—they surely need it.

I would sell KLCS Channel 58, land, building, license, and equipment.

I would close all rental offices and make sure that the local district offices are housed in empty classrooms. Each local district will consist of one administrator and one clerk—that’s all.

I would end all contracts with real estate, legal, and public relations firms.

I would eliminate the costly and wasteful Language Arts and Math programs that depend on workbooks and photocopies and return to textbooks and paper and pencil work.

I would terminate all LAUSD lobbyists.

And most importantly, the school board members, and the remaining administrators must be at schools four days a week. They will listen to the staffs, the students, and the parents and then we will meet one day a week to act on their concerns and to follow their suggestions.

I would have them talk to parents and to teachers to find out if there would be any benefits to restoring 6th grade to all elementary schools, recreating junior high for two or three years of learning, and possibly returning high schools to three years.

We will remember that education is our product that the students are our biggest assets, and that the teachers must be treated with total respect, as they are the difference makers, they are the educators!

We will find a way to make teaching once again a desirable profession; to create school environments where teachers are colleagues and that their staff development sessions are run by the teachers; to help teachers who are new or are having a difficult time so that new teachers don’t leave before they have taught for five years.

Professionalism for the faculty, and the future for the students will be our motto.

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