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The LAUSD iPad bidding fiasco--just another reason LAUSD must go!

1. Millions spent on downtown administrators, lobbyists, outside contracts, and worthless downtown positions while schools are starving for funds and class sizes go up.

2. The targeting and teacher jail imprisonment of senior teachers to save LAUSD money on salary and retirement benefits.

3. The construction of schools over oil fields, chemical contaminated sites, and near freeways that endangers the health of the students.

4. The Belmont construction scandal and the half billion dollar school on Wilshire.

5. The decimation of arts, music, and library skills in the curriculum.

6. The acceptance of millions of dollars towards a school board election from billionaires trying to influence local school policies.

7. Killing the love of learning and the love of reading in the children through teaching to the test.

8. Deferred maintenance of up to one year at schools, while waste abounds downtown.

9. The closing of special education classes.

10. Forced reorganizations of schools that are totally opposed by the school’s community.

11. The district’s selection of costly textbooks that do not teach the skills properly and do not have sufficient practice to master the skills.

12. Blaming, but never consulting the teachers.

13. Unilaterally forcing teachers to be evaluated by tests scores when test scores are the least important factor in teacher’s jobs.

14. Publishing the test scores of teachers.

15. Abuse incidents where they knew previously about the abuser and swept the information under the rug.

16. Killing the curriculum and the students with testing overdoses.

17. Making major decisions like starting school in August without input from those affected: parents, students, and school staffs.

18. Failure of secondary school administrators to provide support for teachers even in the most severe discipline situations.

If LAUSD was a business it would have been bankrupt or out of business decades ago because no one would have wanted to use their services.

But, LAUSD, the local and state politicians, the local major media, big business (especially the book and software publishers and the computer makers), the community leaders, and community organizations are all in bed together.

Therefore, LAUSD exists through corruption, crime, and complicity.

The district must be decimated, the bureaucracy eradicated, and the leaders at the top, the Superintendent and his assistants, and the school board members incarcerated.

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