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The launch of Bully Proof Radio is in need of assistance

A new radio call-in show on Freedom95 is looking for community support.
A new radio call-in show on Freedom95 is looking for community support.
Pilsung ATA Martial Arts

Bully Proof Radio took another step towards reality yesterday, Valentine's Day, as the organizers opened up a fundraising effort to support the new radio call-in show.

The organizer of Bully Proof Radio, a martial arts instructor from Pilsung ATA Martial Arts, launched a fundraising campaign to help get the project from idea to reality. Working with the President and Founder of the Bully Prevention Alliance a new campaign was formed on The two groups are working to gather the $15,000 it will take to fund the weekly call-in show to be broadcasted by Freedom95 Radio in Franklin, Indiana.

To explain the reasons behind selecting a radio call-in show as a platform from which to provide hope and help to the victims of bullying and their families the organizers said,

The problem of bullying in our schools is nothing new. There have been bullies as long as there have been schools. What has changed is the level of technical sophistication that bullies demonstrate today. Bullying has become a significant and dangerous threat to our youth because it doesn’t end at the school doors. To really make a difference, to really provide the help our youth needs, we must also reach out past the doors of our schools. - Excerpt from the original BULLY PROOF RADIO Proposal

The radio show concept is to be only one part of a multifaceted effort to bring help and support to the schools of the Greater Indianapolis Area. Organizers of the project are already looking at setting up blogs and producing Public Service Announcement (PSA) videos to be posted to various social media outlets.