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The laughs keep rolling through the Alaskan wild in 'The Proposal'

Has she got him where she wants him?
Has she got him where she wants him?
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'The Proposal' is a romantic comedy rated PG-13 with a wonderful cast of off-beat characters.  Starring Sandra Bullock (nominated at Golden Globes) as an  editor-in-chief referred to by employees as "the witch" or "the devil's spawn" and Ryan Reynolds as her subservient and super efficient assistant, the plot develops quickly.  Bullock has proven her comedic talents time and again and this film is no exception.

The plot is simple:  faced with deportation back to Canada, Bullock's character Margaret blackmails her assistant Andrew into a quicky marriage.  His agreement to the plan actually puts him in an unprecedented, for him, position of power.  And the laughs move on from there.

During a trip to Alaska for Gammy's (hilariously played by Betty White) 80th birthday party, the couple reveal their plans to Andrew's friends and family. They subsequently undergo the family traditions of royal treatment: from shopping trips to male strip shows to Native American ceremonies of thanksgiving. The film rockets from one laugh to the next.

Cleverly directed by Anne Fletcher (27 Dresses) and also starring Craig T. Nelson as Andrew's crotchety dad and Mary Steenburgen as his trusting mother, the movie includes breathtaking shots of the Alaskan wild.  As a Gainesville viewer proclaimed, "This would be nice to see on the big screen because the scenery is so beautiful."

If you're looking for something light, funny and heartwarming, this film is a good evening's entertainment.  It is available on DVD at all your local rental venues now.