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The latest update on Heartbleed and steps taken by Yahoo and Pinterest

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While so many were busy publishing the news on Heartbleed, we here at Examiner, wanted to know just what was happening on the social media sites, which affect millions of users. We got in touch with Yahoo on April 9, 2014, and asked the tough questions on just how badly Yahoo was affected.

We also asked what account holders should be doing to protect themselves? Many news articles were suggesting people change their passwords and check their websites by using a tool called "Heartbleed Checker" for vulnerability.

We were curious to know how this affected the recent platform security changes and if indeed these changes were put into place due to Yahoo’s knowledge of Heartbleed.

Here is what Elisa Shyu, Publish Relations Manager at Yahoo told us, “Here is the statement issued by a Yahoo Spokesperson:

“A vulnerability, called Heartbleed, was recently identified impacting many platforms that use OpenSSL, including ours. As soon as we became aware of the issue, we began working to fix it. Our team has successfully made the appropriate corrections across the main Yahoo properties (Yahoo Homepage, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Food, Yahoo Tech, Flickr and Tumblr) and we are working to implement the fix across the rest of our sites right now. We’re focused on providing the most secure experience possible for our users worldwide and are continuously working to protect our users’ data.”

Yahoo has not asked account holders to change their passwords, which is a very common thing they do when suspecting misplay. However, just before all this came out in the news, account holders had been asked to reset their passwords just weeks before and the news of Yahoo announcing its new encryption for the platform came out.

Another site hit by this Pinterest, got in touch with their account holders on April 11, 2014, to let them know their passwords needed to be react.

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Hi Wendy,

You may have heard of a recently discovered security issue—called Heartbleed—that impacted lots of sites on the internet, including Pinterest. Heartbleed affected OpenSSL, a type of technology websites use to keep information secure as it travels through the web.

We were quick to fix the issue on Pinterest, and we didn't find any evidence of mischief on Pinner accounts as a result. But to be extra careful, we’re asking you to reset your password.

When you pick a new password remember to make it complex (try adding symbols and numbers) and unique (don’t use it on any other sites).

You can read more about how we're responding to Heartbleed at our Help Center. Thanks!

The Pinterest Team

Please keep in mind until a site has fixed the issue, there is no use changing your password. As you can see Pinterest is ready to move forward.