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The latest spewing by the National Catholic Register

Yesterday, Michael Sean Winters long essay was concerning a piece attacking Sr. Carol Keenan (who publicly supported Obamacare as head of the Catholic Health Association) in the National Catholic Register (not to be confused with the National Catholic Reporter, where MSW writes). It was quite an essay and you should read it at and then read my response, which is both on the comments section (news flash - NCR now allows comments again) and below:

Michael hits it right on the head, the other NCR and EWTN are essentially the GOP in Catholic drag. I would go beyond tht and say the entire pro-life movement is just that as well. The reason they are going after Sister Carol is because she challenged the bishops and the pro-life establishment and won. indeed, after all these years, no one has unseated her - or will they. Sebelius retired - being a cabinet secretary for five years is enough self-torture, as much as Michael would like to think she was forced out. No chance.

The real argument is this - the bishops said that as long as the status quo is maintained, they would not object. They lied and never admitted that they moved the goal line. In fact, most insurance comes through employers and is subsidized, in part, be not counting this as income and giving a tax break to corporate and other large employers for hiring insurance. This insurance usually covers contraception and abortion as standard services. Many argue that with the new market places in the ACA, employers will likely drop insurance and have their workers participate. If that is the case, covering abortion with subsidized money is still the status quo the bishops vowed to accept.

This whole issue could have been handled differently. If the Republicans had promised to vote for the bill in exchange for having certain amendments agreed to - something that used to happen with most legislation - then we may have had a better bill, there would have been no "war on women" last year and there would not have been more than fifty votes to overturn Obamacare. Here's the thing - this all comes out of the Senate Minority Leader's plan to oppose all Obama bills - and that comes because his base has a visceral hatred of Obama - one that can only be linked to his youth and his color. The sad thing is that EWTN and the National Catholic Register are in bed with these evils.

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