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The latest on Lad, the collie who was shot

Lad came through his surgery well last night and is showing vast improvement this morning.
Rebecca Eaves

This morning finds Lad in much better shape. He underwent a long harrowing surgery last night and survived. The road ahead of this poor boy will not be easy but at least he has a chance at survival now, thanks to The Arrow Fund.

During the surgery it was discovered that he had three gun shot wounds in his jaw. Two were located under his jaw and another was on the side of his face as if entering his mouth. The front part of his jaw was without blood supply and would not heal so it had to be removed.

Because of the necessary removal of such a large portion of Lad's jaw, his tongue will forevermore protrude from his mouth. Despite this he should be able to relearn to eat and drink. If it proves too difficult, he may require another surgery to help him. A feeding tube was placed during the surgery as well.

Lad is still on pain medication but he appears in good spirits. He is alert and sitting up watching the staff. The attention he is receiving is quite a treat for him, and he loves it.

There is still a fractured tooth that must be taken care of, but the staff working on him did not want him under anesthesia any longer. Recovery will still be a great deal of work for this dog and it will not be easy. The Arrow Fund is asking for donations to help with Lad’s continuing care. They do amazing work rescuing abused animals in the Louisville area. Help them help the animals.

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