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“The Latest European Hairstyles Are in Las Vegas

Hairstylist Brice Bensimon travels to Europe every year to learn their latest hairstyles. Born in Nice, France, Brice studied hair styling since he was 15. Brice also learned from his father Eric Bensimon, a well-known beauty expert in France.

The Latest European Hairstyles Are in Las Vegas"-
Hairstylist Brice Bensimon travels to Europe every year to learn their latest hairstyles. Brice Bensimon is at the Cristophe’s Salon of Beverly Hills in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand Hotel..
(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman)

Brice trained in Monaco saloons as an apprentice then immigrated to the United States 10 years ago. He joined Cristophe’s Salon of Beverly Hills in Las Vegas.

As the Education Director and Master Stylist for the Cristophe Salon of Beverly Hills chain, Eric trains the staff about the latest products, hairstyles and techniques. He travels to all the Cristophe Salons every month.

Brice explained, “I learned from the best.

When new hairstyles appear in Europe, it takes around two years for them to become popular in the United States.

The latest European styles have more texture are shorter and different from those in the United States. I introduce these styles to my clients.

When a client sits in my chair, the consultation is important. People want to look good and damaged hair does not look good. In the long run, it is important to use good products. I help clients improve their hair’s health and protect their hair.

For the evening, L’Oreal’s Clarostat moose creates huge volume and is not sticky.”

“Hair Products Lessen the Carbon Footprint”

Cristophe Salons use L’Oreal because the products have no harsh chemicals that damage the hair and are safer.

These hair products help lessen the carbon footprint, are Eco-friendly and do not harm the hair or the environment.

Kelly McGuire, Colorist and Extensions specialist, advises clients, “At Cristophe, we use hair coloring without harsh chemicals which won’t damage the hair. We do not put anything on your hair that your hair cannot handle. We cater to different hair types.

Some people’s hair needs vitamins and deep conditioning treatments to keep the color smooth and the hair soft.

The Keratin Smoothing Treatment shortens blow-dry time. Keratin is a natural protein, not a chemical. It forms a layer which removes frizz, straightens and repairs damaged hair. As I coat the hair with Keratin, it builds and makes managing hair easier.

The latest hair extensions are different. They are not harmful. It is not necessary to use glue or chemicals. The extensions are sewn together.” You cannot tell Kelly’s hair from the extensions.

During the consultation, Kelly shows clients a wide choice of the latest hair colors. She mixes combinations which suit everyone. Kelly’s copper red hair brightens her face.

Kelly explained her techniques, “I decide about the right color for my client’s hair by studying their skin tones. I don’t want drab colors, to weigh the client down or look tired. The hair should look bright and healthy. Each client is different!

The latest color for the fall is chocolate. You may like to eat chocolates and now you can wear it!”

Kelly is knowledgeable because she previously helped Master Stylist/ Education Director Eric Bensimon during his monthly visits to the salon as part of a training program about the latest in beauty, hairstyles and color treatments. She enjoyed discussing colors and shared her ideas with Eric.

Born in Carson City, Nevada, Kelly lives in Las Vegas. She loves meeting celebrities and people from around the world at the Cristophe Salon.

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