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Happy Reading!
Happy Reading!
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  • Dagda 6 years ago

    What type of plots do you like? When will we get to see your novels? I bet they are great! Your reviews are very eligant (now only if I could spell....) so we know you have a great flow and structure. I can't wait to see you books on the New York Times best sellers list!

    Waiting in Anticipation,

  • Addie.Aynsley 6 years ago

    I love the idea of trivia at the end of reviews, brilliant!

  • SarahLindesmith 6 years ago

    Dagda: I like any plot that can hold together without sounding forced. Complexity is nice because then I get a chance to see more of the characters' side stories (usually) - but I don't want it so complex that I can't follow what's going on. Really I am more character-driven than plot-driven, but the best characters in the world are nothing without a good plot to connect them, so...
    As for my own novels, you'll see them when they are published! :) Which I am working on, but it's a slow process. For anyone interested in reading them, I will, in all likelihood, post something about them here. They're fantasy fiction novels, so hopefully most of my readers will enjoy them.

    Addie: thanks! I wanted a little incentive for people to read new books, and also to generate (hopefully) some conversations. We'll see what happens.

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