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The last surviving great tusker Satao, is dead

Satao a 50-year-old great tusker was killed by poachers earlier this month.
Satao a 50-year-old great tusker was killed by poachers earlier this month.
Mark Muller

Richard Moller, Executive Director of The Tsavo Trust, has confirmed the rumors that the carcass of a bull elephant that was killed by poachers earlier this month in Tsavo East National park in northern Kenya was in fact the body of Satao, the world’s largest elephant.

The iconic elephant’s body was found earlier this month by Moller, but because of the severe mutilation to the corpse, he completed a search of the remaining elephants in the park before releasing the news to the public. “I had to write my official report to KWS and confirm to them that Satao is dead. It was the hardest report that I have ever written, I couldn’t see past a wall of tears”. Moller stated through his grief.

Santao was 50-years-old, and was the last of the great tuskers. He had taught himself to hide his tusk in the bushes when he saw strangers approaching, but because of his massive size, the poachers had no problem finding him. He had survived a previous poacher attack in March which left him with two seeping wounds in his flank.

Because the poachers have successfully killed off all the large male and female African elephants with long tusk, they have changed the genetic structure of the African elephants forever. No long will people be able to witness these massive-long-tusk beasts roaming Africa… They have been replaced with a smaller and shorter tusked species. Poaching has forever changed Africa, and the majestic elephant.