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'The Last Sin Eater' by Francine Rivers

forgive us our trespasses...
forgive us our trespasses...

The Last Sin Eater, by Francine Rivers, tells the story of a town in search of salvation. Readers follow the story of a young girl, Cadi Forbes, with a traumatic past and her desperate search for forgiveness. Having grown up in a town where sin is only forgiven after death when the despised and avoided Sin Eater comes to eat the sin of the dead, Cadi goes on a search motivated by grief in order to find forgiveness of her sins before death. Along the way, she finds a friend who is also seeking forgiveness and together they go on a spiritual journey that eventually leads to the confrontation of the towns current long held beliefs regarding sin and forgiveness.
The Last Sin Eater is not only an intriguing story, it is also an interesting look into humanities innate desire and need for forgiveness. The Last Sin Eater takes a deeper look into the hearts of men in order to show how aware mankind is of their own sinful natures and how far we will go in order to find that forgiveness outside Christ. Francine Rivers shows her readers how futile these attempts are and, through her character's spiritual search, she shows how Christ can truly transform our lives through His saving grace.
The Last Sin Eater was recently made into a motion picture, but a lot of the books spirituality gets lost in translation. The movie is not without merit, however, even if it does only serve to get viewers interested enough in the story to pick up the book. The basic storyline is the same and the overall meaning behind the story is also intact. It is important to note that the necessity of Christ as the Saviour is barely discussed and the relationship between the two main characters also leaves one wanting. While the movie is a good option if you want to get into the story, if you are looking for a deeper Christian story, the book is really the best option.