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'The Last Ship:' The traitor is discovered

Rhona Mitra plays Dr. Rachel Scot on The Last Ship
Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images for Say Media/xoJane

On Sunday night’s installment of “The Last Ship” the USS Nathan James finds itself blocked inside a harbor by a Russian warship, and its captain a ruthless and power hungry admiral seeking the primordial sample of the disease as well as Dr. Scott being transported onto his ship, otherwise threatens to blow the US warship out of the water. Chandler meets the admiral face to face and calls his bluff; he will never blow the ship out of the water until he gets what he seeks.

The Russians place mines blocking the exit out of the harbor, and as two American divers seek to destroy them, they are mercilessly killed by the enemy, upon which Chandler fires on those in a raft that just shot his men and threatens to kill unless they back away, the Russian admiral gives 24 hours for the doctor and sample to be sent over, meantime the doctor’s assistant is discovered as being a traitor who must do the Russian’s bidding to save his wife and daughter.

Chandler manages to disguise the signal the ship sends by turning everything off inside the vessel and sends two lieutenants on a mission to send explosives onto the Russian ship, by pretending that doctor and sample are being delivered, and the USS works its way through a narrow opening on the opposite side of the harbor.

The plan works and the Russian ship is temporarily disabled, while the lieutenants male and female who are actually dating are rescued, and trouble is for the time being aborted. Highlight of the episode was one of the lieutenants realizing why relationships are frowned upon in such circumstances, because for a moment he almost jeopardize the mission and his crew by trying to protect the one he loves, and Chandler faces a question as he questions the traitor, who asks what would he have done to save his family if he, -Chandler-, was in his,
-the traitor’s- shoes? Recaps and information on this show can be watched online at

“The Last Ship” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.

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