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'The Last Ship:' Humanity's only hope

Rhona Mitra plays Dr. Rachel Scot on The Last Ship
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner

On Sunday night, “The Last Ship” premiered on TNT, viewers are introduced to a scientist visiting a hot zone for a virus contamination, Dr. Rachel Scott played by -Rhona Mitra-, takes a blood sample and gets back on a helicopter. Next a US Naval Ship is introduced the USS Nathan James and part of its crew made up of men and women, and the CO Commander Tom Chandler played by, -Eric Dane- and there is Dr. Scott again with her assistant who will be on the ship on a mission to study birds.

The story then moves to 4 months later on the ship and they are in the arctic, the doctor taking samples from the snow along with her assistant, -who from the get go seems to be hiding something, or at least not being up front-, the ship’s crew begins to come to light in the form of 2 Lieutenants male and female who without question are in a relationship, but of course must keep appearances.

They ship has been on radio silence for that length of time due to the sensitivity of their mission, that has to do with a new weapon and it’s merits. But suddenly the doctor as she is immersed in the snow hears helicopters and those guarding her find themselves on snowmobiles being fired upon by Russian militia. They managed to shoot the enemy down and captured 1 of them injured but alive and once back on the ship the commander asks what they want, or why were they attacking and all the man says is “the cure”.

Now the commander aware that they were after the doctor and not the ship demands answers and she advises him that through a personal radio that she is allowed to communicate back home and that until then was unknown to everyone else, she has learned that a virus has spread throughout the world and 80 percent of the population is infected with no cure in sight, and the only hope is what she has so far found out.

The human factor comes to play with service people looking forward to going back home to their families and now learning that there is nothing to go back to, the sadness and loneliness experienced by all is heartbreaking and it can only be imagined of how it would feel to imagine one’s kids either dead, or fatally ill and yet unable to reach them, console and protect them. This is so far an original and very human show that explores not only the possibility of humanity ending, but also the tenacity and steadfastness of a group of people to fight for themselves and for their families' survival.

“The Last Ship” runs on Sunday night at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.

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