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"The Last Olympian" a satisfying close to Percy Jackson Story

The adventures of Percy Jackson that fans have seen unfold in the series; “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” wraps up in “The Last Olympian.” With the movie “The Lightning Thief” coming out on Friday, avid readers may want to grab this series and get reading before it unfolds on the big screen.

As I am always a strict critic of movies based on books I am excited yet reluctant to see Percy Jackson come to life. The series was extremely entertaining and “The Last Olympian” was a satisfying end to Percy’s adventures.

While a war rages between the Gods and the Titans in downtown Manhattan there is no shortage of adventure as the story comes to a close. Fans also see how the much mentioned prophecy pans out as Percy turns sixteen.

There are really no loose ends as Percy’s story comes to a close but there is also a blurb in the back that hints at other Rick Riordan books that will continue the story of half-bloods. So fans have no fear, though the series has ended, with the movies hitting the big screen and some new series’ in the works, those who love Greek Myths come to life still have much to look forward to.

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